Sunday Evening Soul Serenade at Club Lou, 14 June 2020

Sunday evening soul serenade at club lou 7 june 2020


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I'M BACK!!! 

Hello fellow folks,

As anyone could see, U haven't updated in quite sometime.  I apologize.  I just was not paying attention.  That's it..the bottom.  I fess up.  Now, with that out of the way, I have become an even more busy person, taking on a Male Chorale Ensemble in addition to my gigs and BANDSOLO Rhythms.  SO so much has happened during and after COvID, but I'm back.


Hello friends and fans,

Personal performances by me are currently on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic  Let us pray, hope, wish or whatever it is that you may do in order to contact a higher power than yourselves, and even if you don't, let's be on the same page for this one.  Help out as much you can.  

By the end of this month, I intend to do my very first Facebook live performance.  This will also be the first time that I will be premiering my original tunes.  I hope you can join me.  

That being said, during this downtime that I call the COVID-19 Sessions, I have been furiously working on my own compositions.  I'm almost there, so just a little more patience and I will have completed my first song compilation.  I intend to do more.  Now because I call this time I spend in my studio the COVID-19 Sessions, it is only to reflect on what is currently going on.  A few of my lyrics may speak to that, but there are some heavy hearts out there.  I don't want to depress.  I only want to uplift and give folks something to think about.  That will be the theme of most of my music.  So even though I'm doing a lot of this in the COVID-19 Sessions, the music will be for all the time.



Hi everybody!  It's been sometime since I updated this.  Been really busy, but I'm thinking 2020 is the year for this next project I've been talking about for so long. Again, stay tuned.


Hello folks.  On this next solo project of mine, I will do the full production from start to finish - write, play, sing, record, engineer and produce. That being said, I am excited about some of the new instruments that I have acquired over the years and the sounds they generate.  I am looking forward to exploiting these instruments and their sounds and including them throughout my music production.  Stay tuned.


Latest Track

Please "click" on the "MUSIC" tab.  These are just some of the  cover songs that I recorded in 2008 with Tom Saputo here in Burke, Virginia.  They are a part of my first solo CD project entitled "SOUL AGAIN".  Credit is given to all of the original artists on these songs.  Listen and enjoy.    I am currently working on my next CD project that I hope to release before the end of this year, 2019.  Until then, stay true to the music.