Hello friends and fans,

Personal performances by me are currently on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic  Let us pray, hope, wish or whatever it is that you may do in order to contact a higher power than yourselves, and even if you don't, let's be on the same page for this one.  Help out as much you can.  

By the end of this month, I intend to do my very first Facebook live performance.  This will also be the first time that I will be premiering my original tunes.  I hope you can join me.  

That being said, during this downtime that I call the COVID-19 Sessions, I have been furiously working on my own compositions.  I'm almost there, so just a little more patience and I will have completed my first song compilation.  I intend to do more.  Now because I call this time I spend in my studio the COVID-19 Sessions, it is only to reflect on what is currently going on.  A few of my lyrics may speak to that, but there are some heavy hearts out there.  I don't want to depress.  I only want to uplift and give folks something to think about.  That will be the theme of most of my music.  So even though I'm doing a lot of this in the COVID-19 Sessions, the music will be for all the time.